HoW Focus Group Dates

Heart of Williamsport's upcoming dates for Focus Groups

Heart of Williamsport's Next Step Mark your calendars Our Round Table discussion involved groups from the community brainstorming ideas for action corresponding with our value statement. Now, our next step is to consider our value statements in depth. The purpose is to draw attention to the areas that need improvement and recognize the Williamsport's potential. Here are the upcoming dates …

Welcome to Williamsport’s Values

Williamsport Value Statements

The Heart of Williamsport has written eight statements that represent our community. Do you agree with the statements? What can we change? How can we make the statements better? Let us know in the surveys attached to each value statement blog!

Value Statement No. 1

  Arts, Culture, Heritage Celebration of historic and creative treasures We celebrate our arts, culture and heritage through events and activities that capture the spirit of Williamsport and support local businesses which revitalize our city, enrich our lives, preserve for the next generation. Our arts and culture are integral to: Local businesses & artists Pajama …

Value Statement No. 2

Beautiful Natural Environment Admiration for Natural Surroundings We admire our scenic views and beautiful natural surroundings; this tranquil environment provides plenty of outdoor activities and enhances our quality of life. Our Beautiful Natural Environment is appreciated through: Mountains Forests Rivers Creeks Trails Parks What do you think about this value statement? Do you agree?  

Value Statement No. 3

  Diverse Community Expression of self in a welcoming environment We value the diversity of Williamsport within the quaint, small-town community that practices kindness, acceptance, and respect that empowers everyone. The diversity of our community is embodied in our: Art Entertainment Dining Employment Worship opportunities People What do you think about this value statement? Do …

Value Statement No. 4

Educational; Assets, Activities, and Events Participation in learning opportunities We value the numerous and diverse educational opportunities and programs which promote a sense of community pride by offering mentoring and learning activities for everyone.  Educational opportunities are provided by our: Schools Colleges After-school programs Libraries Churches Organizational collaborations

Value Statement No. 5

Health, Safety, Welfare Community sense of well being We appreciate our clean and friendly city for providing a safe and peaceful environment for raising families and making Williamsport our home. Our city benefits greatly by having: Responsive government Extensive social services Quality health care system Generous philanthropists

Value Statement No. 6

Opportunities and Economic Growth Appreciation of positive change  We appreciate our strong economic growth, diverse job opportunities, and a low-cost of living that raises the quality of life for more citizens, and encourages young people to stay in the community. Williamsport’s positive change is supported by: Pro-active planning Geographic location A good transportation system Privately …

Value Statement No. 7

Small-Town Feel Treasuring community connection We treasure the character and friendliness of our small-town that allows the compassionate members of this community to connect with one another. The size of our city allows us to walk or bike to enjoy: Family & friends Locally owned shops Privately owned restaurants Attractions & destinations The river, mountains, …

Value Statement No. 8

Urban Amenities and Recreation Appreciation for balance of city and rural life We appreciate the balance between the city’s easy access to rural settings and a vibrant downtown, which creates a distinctive atmosphere drawing people together. The city offers public transportation and a variety of: Parks Recreation Sports Businesses Restaurants & Bars Specialty shops Theaters

Summit Up Event

You spoke, we listened.  After a year of story gathering, video interviews, survey questions answered, and story listening, we will review the responses we have received from our community, and work together in small groups to develop our vision statements.  We need you to help us "sum it up!"  These vision statements will become the …

Change is Coming

Meet Richard James, a 16 year resident of Williamsport. Read his story about moving home, becoming involved, and the change that's coming.

Incredible Generosity

Tommy Grieco discusses the generosity with his GoFundMe story about the community coming together to donate to getting himself a new wheelchair.

The Future is Female

Anna Falat and granddaughter Miah Dunkleberger discuss how they’re individually succeeding in their futures and what it means to be a strong woman.


Todd Foresman and Chuck Black discuss their views on diversity, open-mind individuals, and acceptance in the city of Williamsport.

Artistic Revival

One of the things that we are finding is that people in the community of Williamsport value the art culture downtown and the First Friday gatherings. One of the people who contributes to that facet is Converge Gallery owner and Graphic Hive Director John Yogodzinski, who returned to Williamsport and opened the gallery about five …


Betsy Rider and customer Becky Renner discuss the generational similarities and the common core values of the town of Williamsport.


City Hall workers John Grado and Stephanie Young speak about the importance of history, connectivity, and revitalization in Williamsport.

Williamsport Healed Me

“Relationships and the love I have for my family is what’s most important to me.” When you walk into Mary Woods’ home, you immediately feel a centered energy. Her historic home, located in Woodmont, Williamsport, is nestled beneath four huge trees.  They canopy her backyard in beautiful shadows that play with the light shining through …

What’s New

Lycoming College students win award

What's new with the Heart and Soul Community in Williamsport, Pennsylvania?  The Pennsylvania Association of Colleges and Employers, (PennACE) a statewide organization that “provides professional growth and networking opportunities for career development and recruitment professionals to enhance practices that benefit  Pennsylvania college and university students and graduates” has chosen two Lycoming College students for their JoAnne …