Peace in the Port

Peace in the Port

Khamila, Khalil, Rahim Baines and Shaheed James discuss Peace in the Port and the fight they are facing for change in the community and a better generation to come.

Diving In

Cliff Stevens

Cliff Stevens opens up about his recent move to the area, diving into parts of the community, and how he has embraced the culture of Williamsport.

Giving Back

Phoebe Frear

Local filmmaker and business owner Phoebe Frear discusses her love for collaboration and artistic expression, as well as how she gives her gifts back to the community of Williamsport.

The Same

By joining together over similar interests for common good, we can produce change. No matter who you are or where you live we all make up Williamsport, and we all want to see it thrive.

Community Woodshop

Williamsport Community Woodshop

Members and founder John Meyer of the Pajama Factory’s Community Woodshop discuss the opportunities Williamsport has given them and their love for the woodshop.

Change is Coming

Meet Richard James, a 16 year resident of Williamsport. Read his story about moving home, becoming involved, and the change that's coming.

Incredible Generosity

Tommy Grieco discusses the generosity with his GoFundMe story about the community coming together to donate to getting himself a new wheelchair.

Becoming a River City

Dallas Miller and Lena Yeagle discuss their love of nature and how they want to enhance the culture in Williamsport and the access to the river.

The Future is Female

Anna Falat and granddaughter Miah Dunkleberger discuss how they’re individually succeeding in their futures and what it means to be a strong woman.


Todd Foresman and Chuck Black discuss their views on diversity, open-mind individuals, and acceptance in the city of Williamsport.

Artistic Revival

One of the things that we are finding is that people in the community of Williamsport value the art culture downtown and the First Friday gatherings. One of the people who contributes to that facet is Converge Gallery owner and Graphic Hive Director John Yogodzinski, who returned to Williamsport and opened the gallery about five …


Betsy Rider and customer Becky Renner discuss the generational similarities and the common core values of the town of Williamsport.


City Hall workers John Grado and Stephanie Young speak about the importance of history, connectivity, and revitalization in Williamsport.

Williamsport Healed Me

“Relationships and the love I have for my family is what’s most important to me.” When you walk into Mary Woods’ home, you immediately feel a centered energy. Her historic home, located in Woodmont, Williamsport, is nestled beneath four huge trees.  They canopy her backyard in beautiful shadows that play with the light shining through …